About Anne

I quit my stressful IT job and moved from London to Cornwall in April 2011, and it has been the best of times and the worst of times. I had a beautiful son Toby who died on 10th July 2011. I loved him more than anything. My son was my only really successful project, he was still finding his way in life and I was so proud of him. He had a good heart and that was enough for me.

My dream was to live in Cornwall my spiritual home. I started going there as a child as my aunt lived in Penzance and I fell in love with it and consider it my true home. I spent many happy holidays there with Toby.

When I am in Cornwall and walking on the beach in Marazion I am as happy as I ever will be. I have come home and nothing really matters. As long as my legs can walk and my lungs can breathe and my eyes can see the sky and the birds and my ears can hear the sea and the wind, then I can be at peace.

I share my life with my little dogs Phoebe and Bessie, but having lost my beloved son Toby and my father in the space of 5 months in 2011, I am finding my ‘new normal’. I am searching for meaning and purpose amongst the loss and tragedy of my life.

My purpose now is to help others affected by the tragedy of losing a child to suicide, one of the worst type of losses anyone can experience. I write this blog and run an online support group for parents who have lost a child to suicide.

In 2017 I graduated from Falmouth University, with a first class desgree in Journalism, and am now starting the next chapter of my life, proving that you can go on following your worst nightmare and it’s never too late to follow your dream. I know that is what Toby would have wanted.

8 Responses to About Anne

  1. It certainly sounds like you have grabbed life and shaken it! 🙂

  2. Dee Axford says:

    I commend you Anne. You’ve been through so much and in such a short space of time . From what I read of your love and history of Cornwall, I would say you made the right choice and at a time when you had no idea of what was ahead. I have no doubt ‘your spiritual’ home is instrumental to your healing. You are and will bean inspiration to many xx Dee

  3. Jan Andersen says:

    Hello Anne,

    My friend and publisher Shahida emailed me today about your website after she read an article in her local paper in Cambridge and thought that maybe I would like to connect up with you. I am so sorry to learn that you lost your son to suicide so very recently.

    I too lost my eldest son Kristian to suicide in November 2002 and am the author of Chasing Death: Losing a Child to Suicide. It is wonderful that you are able to chronicle your thoughts and feelings – and hopefully you will offer hope and encouragement to others by doing so.

    Much love and light to you.

  4. Michele Harper says:

    I have been very lucky to have met Ann through a group meeting, Ann is truly an inspiration to us all. Michele xx

  5. Julie Ritter says:

    This is written from such an honest, open space that we can only reply to you with our hearts open too. You took the high road out of your personal tragedy and Toby is so proud to have such a strong, beautiful, spiritual mother. I wish you all the best and encourage you to keep on writing.

  6. ol fox says:

    Please keep up all your good work.

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