Message to depressed or suicidal young men

I have blogged about my loss and there is a personal journey to be lived, where I grieve and remember my son, and find out how to live this new, changed life.

I am not the type of person to turn inwards and shut myself away. I want to reach out and tell my story, not for personal satisfaction, but to find meaning and purpose from loss.

I have two missions, one is to help support other parents and form a network of parents bereaved by suicide.

The other is to send a message to any young person who maybe considering this tragic action, to attempt to give them a glimpse of the pain they would leave behind. It may make no difference if someone is really determined, but maybe, just maybe it may speak to one person, who may go for help as a result.

Here is my message to anyone who has had serious suicidal thoughts; please watch and listen to my story.

Anyone affected who wishes to contact me please go the the Contact Anne page.

To go to CALM website mentioned in the video click CALM

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3 Responses to Message to depressed or suicidal young men

  1. George Armstrong says:

    I want to thank Anne for her article in the Cambridgeshire News and Crier and the information on her website. I lost a 26 year old daughter – also called Ann – in 2004. On the day of her funeral I read an artlcle in the Independent about a couple who had lost their daughter in similar circumstances. I have four other daughters but we all feel equally guilty over Ann’s death and the anniversary is always very difficult. Anne has been very brave and proactive and I want to thank her for that. I was aware of Papyrus and SOBS and have been on a weekend with the latter. I can echo many of Anne’s comments about the reaction of others.
    George and Edna Armstrong

  2. Respect says:

    Firstly Anne I am saddened for Toby’s choice and saddened about you doing this saddened for the situation but thankful to be able to read and listen from a Mothers from Mum’s point of view , I am not a young man like Toby I am 38 and have been struggling with suicidal ideology since being a teenager , it is strange how somebody who battles with suicide thoughts would hold Toby’s action as brave as he did it , rather than living the years of mental pain ..
    Thank you Anne for flipping coin and for showing me (and others) how much our love means to our Mothers , I was at my worst at around the age of 18-24 , suicide as you know (maybe not) is by no means a gutless way out , oh no way , it is knowingling (unless by mistake) a huge decision to take control of your life by ending it … As a young man I battled suicidal thoughts I got help and got put on different SSRI tablets , now I no longer feel depressed so I have decided to come off them but since coming off them I have become albeit controllabley depressed but I guess enough to read your pages on a Mothers point of view if we end it all …. Thank You Anne , I found this when in a dark place while thinking about my folks and the pain suicide causes ..

    With Toby’s love to guide you Anne you must believe me you are reaching out ..

    I think when we call it a day and go for our final sleep in our dreams we meet our loved ones again and live goes on while here and now we talk about our lost ones because they are somebody until nobody remembers them they live on ….

    Thanks Anne.

    • annwae says:

      Thank you, hearing from young men like you means so much to me. I do wonder what kind of life Toby might have had, he would be 30 this year but I can’t imagine him married with children, he struggled with life and may never have been happy. I miss him more and more as the years go by but try to accept his choice. I do feel his presence around me and feel close to him. I am glad you survived. Life can be truly wonderful I have found happiness living in Cornwall with my 2 dogs thank you for reaching out to me and giving me comfort. Best wishes

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