Are you waiting for your dream to come true?

Be careful about pinning all your hopes on a dream coming true.

I started to think about this recently when I read about the 12 bus drivers who had all won millions of pounds on the lottery. It was in the newspaper and they were all on Daybreak, everyone beaming and people sitting at home jealous. What would you do with all that money? Buy a house, buy a car, go on a dream holiday?

I know Bus Drivers don’t earn much and I’m sure for a lot of them it will take away worry about paying the mortgage and pay for their kids to go to University but it made me think about the society we live in where we value money and material things so highly.

We have X factor, where young hopefuls think that the pinnacle of their life is winning the show, becoming famous, buying their Mum a house and performing at Wembley.

I am not advocating that people shouldn’t have dreams, nor that they shouldn’t strive towards them and visualise them coming true. I am just making the point that we shouldn’t forget the miracles we experience every day and some people could benefit from feeling more grateful for what they have now.

How many stories have we read about lottery winners saying it was the worst thing that happened to them and how may pop and movie stars are in rehab or dead from drugs.

I really believe we need a shift in our perceptions and learn to cherish love and family above all else.

Have you told your child, your partner, your parent, that you love them recently? Have you taken time out of your busy day to give them a call, or spend some quality time with them? Have you got lots of recent pictures of them? It is all too easy to just drift through life not seeing what is right in front of your eyes.

Do you stop at times during the day and just marvel at the sky, the trees or the birds. Do you take a deep breath and take time to feel grateful for a safe warm home, food on the table and all the people who love you?

I say this to you as someone who had a dream come true, but who also lost her son in the same year. I have learned the hard way that having a ‘dream come true’ means nothing without the presence of our loved ones.

I never realised how happy I was until it was gone. I saw a family today in Sainsburys, a Mum and Dad doing the food shopping with a baby and a toddler in the trolley. The little girl was wailing, that ‘not really crying but just wanting attention’ type crying. She was blasting out the whole shop and she wasn’t going to stop. I turned and looked at her parents’ faces and they just looked tired. I just looked and thought how lucky they were to have two beautiful children, but did they notice today or did they go home cross and tired?

So hold on tight to your dreams, but also hold on tight to what you have in front of you, right here, right now.

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