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A daily battle

Every day I face a battle. The battle is between what’s going on in my head and my inner critic sitting on my shoulder heckling me and kicking me in the guts, telling me I’m useless and difficult. Most days … Continue reading

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The biggest obstacles we have to climb over are in our minds

I am a great believer in the power of The Universe to bring us what we need when we need it. Most of the epic things in my life began with a chance encounter, a coincidence or a whisper of … Continue reading

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Soon I’ll be 60 years old

Soon I’ll be 60 years old 4 marriages, one at 17, one for a green card, one for a baby and one mistake. 2 children conceived, one lived to 23, the other one didn’t make it out of the womb. … Continue reading

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Am I still a mother?

There’s a Facebook thing doing the rounds at the moment asking Mums to post pictures that show they are happy/proud to be a mother and then that person has to nominate three of her friends to do the same. This … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Toby

Dear Toby, Today is your 28th birthday, but to me you are forever frozen at 23. You lived for approximately 86,000 days and I cherished every one. Just recently I realised that it was all the ordinary days I miss … Continue reading

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Facing Christmas without a loved one, ten top tips

I first posted this blog when I was facing my first Christmas without Toby. I still think it is good advice so republish it every year. It starts around the beginning of November, maybe earlier. It is the same each … Continue reading

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Can saying F**K it really be therapy?

I have recently returned from a ‘F**k it retreat’ in Italy which is a cross between a holiday and a personal development experience. For six days I attended morning sessions on the roof terrace of a small hotel on a … Continue reading

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The power of a hug

Every morning I walk my little dog Elfie along the seafront at Newlyn Green. I used to do it at the same time every day when I was working, now I’m a student my times are more sporadic but it … Continue reading

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Beyond Surviving

I found this today and thought it was worth publishing to my followers. Especially useful for newly bereaved parents. Beyond Surviving: Suggestions for Survivors Iris M. Bolton 1. Know you can survive; you may not think so, but you can. … Continue reading

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What is grief?

Grief….I’ve read more about grief than I ever wanted to, and yet I still seen to be drawn towards it. I recently flicked through a supplement in The Times of the 50 best new books that you should read over … Continue reading

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