A dream come true

For as long as I can remember I have had a dream to live in Cornwall. Like a lot of people I could never see how the dream could come true unless I married a rich man or won the lottery. There are no IT jobs in Cornwall and I am not ready to retire yet. It was always ‘when I save enough money’,   I dreamed about it, I yearned to be there but I never actually did anything about it.

Until now……

I am a self-help junkie. It started in 2006, the year I turned 50 (oh now I have given away my age). I attended a Tony Robbins seminar at the Excel centre in London, called ‘Unleash the Power Within’. I jumped up and down and hugged strangers and danced with 12,000 people and walked on red hot coals. I got rid of limiting beliefs and had a view of what my life would be like in 5 years, 10 years time if I didn’t change, and I wept.

However it took me a while to really start to make changes. Tony was the catalyst, but then I stumbled onto Suzy Greaves who became my life coach and now a dear friend. She made me believe I was talented, fabulous, brave and gorgeous and encouraged me to take ‘the Big Leap’, which is the name of her book and her coaching company.

I started a social group, fell in love and got distracted but the dream was always there. When I found myself alone and heartbroken two years later I decided that there had to be an up side to all the sadness, and then I found it. I was alone again so there was no one to stop my following my dream.

I had a mad thought ‘What if I just rented somewhere for 6 months and then spent as much time as I possibly could there, just for 6 months, to road test my dream’. It was feasible, as I work at home a lot and I have disposable income that I mostly spend on shoes, handbags and holidays. If I gave these up I could afford 6 month’s rent’.

So an idea was hatched and taking the Big Leap 21 day challenge focussed me on my dream (after a few false starts) and gave me the courage to actually take some action. I was cheered on by my Big Life community friends and an inspiring man who is fighting cancer and Parkinson’s and living life to the full as much as he can.

My son and my friends have all held my hand and so on Monday I get the keys. This blog will chart my journey and let you know if the reality will live up to the dream.

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2 Responses to A dream come true

  1. Caite says:

    What a lovely blog Annwae….You have been brave, looked at what has needed to change in order for you to be living a full and glorious life and done something very positive about your situation. I’m betting that your Cornwall adventure will turn into real life for you and you will wonder why on earth it has taken so long…….but maybe you wouldn’t have been ready before the moment your took action ….you are now and I wish you all the luck, joy and love in your new home. I shall enjoy reading your blogs and following your life in the beautiful cottage. Love Caite xx

  2. Lucy says:

    I have just started working with Suzy and your progress is so inspirational! I am really excited for you and wish you all the best for tomorrow.


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