Day 1 of my new life

I really can’t believe this is true. If I died tonight I would die truly happy. This feels so ‘right’ I keep pinching myself. I can’t tell you how perfect my new little home is.

I set off at 5.15 this morning and arrived in bright sunshine. I got to the Estate Agent’s and the contract wasn’t quite ready so I went off to have a coffee in town. It feels so different now I can think ‘this is my neighbourhood, my home, I live here now I am not just a tourist’.

I am looking for the places I will shop and have coffee, I am so happy I just can’t believe it.

I finally got the keys and this was the moment I have been waiting for for years. To have a set of keys for ‘my place’ in Cornwall. This really is a dream come true for me and I can’t believe I find a way to make it happen.

Even if I live here a month and go bankrupt it will have been worth it. I can’t put into words how much I love this little place. It is tucked away in a corner, with a little outside space and communal gardens full of tropical plants. There is a pond and a cat, and it is quiet and secluded.

The place is beautiful, all brand new with a little kitchen overlooking the garden and a living room with wood floor overlooking my little sunny courtyard. I can sit out there every morning and have my coffee before I go for a walk along the seafront.

I can get on the net using my mobile broadband and get BT connected next week. I am ‘camping’ at the moment but get my mattress tomorrow and my sofa next week.

I am ‘nesting’ and loving every minute. There is a walk this evening I am joining and it starts just down the road from where I live, how perfect it all is. It is a fantastic hot sunny day.

Let’s see if I feel the same in November when it is raining!!

I’m walking on air, on cloud nine, in heaven – in Cornwall.

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