Day 2 – exhaustion sets in

Oh dear – camping was meant to be fun, but when you air bed keeps going down and you end up on the floor it is not fun when your back is aching and you just want to sleep.

I went for a lovely walk yesterday evening with the Penwith Ramblers. They were really friendly, there were men and we went to the pub afterwards, how great. Day 1 and I am already mingling with the locals.

I got back exhausted and then had the worst night ever on my so called air bed…

Today I was waiting for my new mattress and it finally turned up at 4 p.m. and I had to lug it up the stairs to my bedroom myself and the big hunky man said he wasn’t allowed to help me ‘elf and safety’ – I despair. I had a bit of a poor me all alone moment and I lay on the floor and wept, but then I realised that wasn’t going to help get the thing up the stairs so I got up and gave it one last heave and I finally managed it. This is what I do – I cry and then I pick myself up and get on with it.

So I am typing this lying in my new bed and it feels like heaven.

After the mattress turned up I shut down the laptop and went for a walk up to town and down to the sea and had several more ‘pinch me I must be dreaming moments’. I’m not sure how I made this happen but I did and now I am suddenly living the life i have dreamed of for years.

I stood on the Abbey steps and looked over to St Michael’s Mount and somehow it feels different now. I live here, I have an address and keys. I am a Cornwall resident – WOW

I have no TV and thought I would watch ‘Who do you think you are on iPlayer, but is seems my mobile broadband is not fast enough. All this technology is not quite there yet. Tried it on the iPad as well and it froze.

Oh well, I didn’t want to watch TV anyway so thought i’d do my blog and then have a wonderful sleep on my new mattress – bliss.

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