Day 3 – feeding snails

Woke up in bliss today – my new mattress is heaven after a night on the floor. It is so quiet here, all I can hear is seagulls.

It started drizzly today and as I looked out of the kitchen window I saw 2 snails on my slate window sill outside. I thought I would name them Scilly and Truro. They looked so sweet, I gave them s few leaves from my bag of salad and when I looked out a while later they had eaten them all up.

I have set my desk up near my front door which is all glass, so I can sit and look out onto the little patio/yard. It gets the sun all day and comes round in the evening so my little seat gets the last of the evening sun.

I discovered the charity shops in Penzance and got a map of Cornwall for my wall, a clock and a Buddha and an oven glove – all for six quid…

I finished work at 5 again and went for a walk along the sea front and stopped for a glass of wine at the Jubilee pool cafe. There is an open air sea water swimming pool here called Jubilee Pool and it has been here since 1910. I remember swimming in it when I was a child (no -not in 1910!!!). My mission is to go down there and have a swim one day soon!

I can really see myself living here, but it is early days. I must make sure I get out and meet people as I am happy alone, but could end up a nuttly old recluse.

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