Day 6 Settling in

I have only ‘lived’ here six days and already I am expecting too much of myself. I had to drive back to London on thursday eve for a day’s training in London on Friday.

It wasn’t too bad, I left at 16:10 and was home by 21:10, but I didn’t even stop for a wee. Not good!

So far so good, I got up Friday and got train to London and who should get on and sit next to me but my ex. It wasn’t his normal train so I figured it happened for a reason. I was quite civil to him and was heartened by the fact that he still had on a scruffy old Primark polo shirt and old jeans and his old black Reebok trainers that I hated and thought were only fit for the garage or the garden. He has gone back to his old scruffy dresss code so I doubt he has a new woman and I woudln’t care if he did.

I was going through a script in my head ‘Do I tell him I am living in Cornwall?’ Shortly before we got to Oxford Circus where we go different ways I just blurted out ‘I am living in Cornwall most of the time now’. He seemed genuinely pleased for me and was actually very nice and supportive. I don’t feel love for him or animosity. He will never change but I am living my dream woo hoooo!!!!

I went out to dinner with friends last night and then got up at the crack of dawn today to drive back here. I am exhausted and felt frustrated that I couldn’t summon up the energy to go to the beach. But then I reminded myself this is only day 6, I have been through a huge change and the idea is to relax and enjoy it even if I am just hanging out here in my little haven.

I am planning to do an 8 mile walk tomorrow with the ramblers. I should be OK if I have a long sleep tonight.

Here is a picture of my snails and the view from my kitchen  window,

Off to sleep zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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