Day 8 – The best courgette ever and my first visitors!!!

What a fantastic day. Suzy came to visit and I met Charlie her lovely son.

Wow – what serendipity. My Life Coach and friend Suzy Greaves just happened to be staying in Cornwall and we met up in Penzance today and she and Charlie came to see my little haven.

What an amazing day, to have the person who made all this happen come to visit.

Seeing Suzy and her lovely bouncing bundle of energy Charlie made me realise how far I have come. I too was a single Mum and I survived. Charlie reminded me very much of my son Toby, and I realised how much I have achieved. He may not be perfect, but I was there for him, I gave him a home and stability and now he is getting on with his life while I am living my dream.

My Dad and Toby have been incredibly supportive, and even my ex was gracious enough to be happy for me. This is such an experience, I know if is only Cornwall but it is epic in my life.

I went for a fantastic walk on Sunday, I walked 8 miles and then went to sit on the beach. Yesterday I went to Mousehole on the bus to see the Mousehole male voice choir and it was lovely.

Today I met Suzy and then came home and cooked lamb chops and a courgette that I picked up in a field on Sunday and it was the best courgette I have ever tasted.

Today was a great day……. here are the pictures to record the moment. I am very happy today.

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1 Response to Day 8 – The best courgette ever and my first visitors!!!

  1. Caite says:

    Hi Annwae I am so happy for you and what a lovely surprise to have the lovely Suzy and Son visit you!! I think you will do very well there…. you already know where the wine bar is :-). Enjoy your writing, walking, wining and dining especially on the ‘local produce’. What a great adventure and you have brought this to yourself because you believed enough in yourself. Great stuff Annwae love Caite xxxxxx

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