In which I join the library

I really do feel I am living in another country. Cornwall has a very different feeling to London and I am on a voyage of discovery.

Little things delight me – like yesterday when I took an hour break at lunchtime and decided to go out and have lunch at the little Museum cafe that is just across the street from where I live. It is Penlee House Museum and there is a lovely park and gardens and they have a great little cafe with wonderful sandwiches and salads. I stopped at my local shop round the corner and bought my copy of The Cornishman newspaper and sat outside and eat my sandwich in the sunshine. You hear the seagulls here night and day and I am getting used to the sound.

This is what my experience is all about, just enjoying the simple pleasures of living here. Yes I could go to a cafe anywhere and read the paper, but just being HERE feels so special to me personally.

On the way back I walked a different route and discovered the Library. I felt so proud brandishing my council tax bill that proves I am now officially a Cornish resident. I registered in 3 minutes, chose 2 books and then found they had a super efficient hi tech check out system where you just put your books in a ‘hole’ feed in your card and it prints you out a receipt to tell you when you have to bring them back. I was really impressed. I know I haven’t been in a library for a while but I found this amazing.

I got a book that is actually set in Penzance. There is a reading group at the library too which I can join.

I am really settled in here now, I have bed, sofa and TV and am loving every minute of living alone, having long bubble baths with the radio blaring, and exploring.

After work yesterday I was driving to take all my cardboard to the recycling centre, (despite the hi tech library there is no recycling collection), when it dawned on me I could just drive on to Marazion and walk on the beach and have a half of Cornish ale in the pub looking out at St Michael’s Mount, so that is exactly what I did.

I feel so free, Freedom was my big thing and here I am free – for now, so I am going to savour every single nanosecond!!!!!

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1 Response to In which I join the library

  1. Caite says:

    Oh you really have fallen in love with this place :-). I am with you all the way…your stories are so real…..I could feel the sun and hear the seagulls and most of all taste that Cornish Ale………..have fun dear friend you so deserve it. love Caite xx

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