I fall in love – all over again

It started off raining and raining… I slept in, went to the Library and had lunch in my favourite cafe. Then about 2 pm the sun came out. I know this part of the world so well, but today I discovered a place I hadn’t been before and it was magical. When I was with Philip we always recapped our weekends on Monday morning in an email to each other and recounted our ‘Magic Moments’. I had so many magic moments this afternoon, an ordinary day suddenly became amazing. I went to Godrevy of ‘To the Lighthouse’ fame. I parked my car in the National Trust car park and started walking. The coastline is stunning, and it was bright and brezzy. I saw a kestrel hovering and ‘surfing’ in the wind about 6 foot away and I watched him through my binoculars. I could see his feathers bristling in the wind as he hovered and soared, every now and again dipping down, only to soar up again. I watched him for ages. Then as I rounded the headland, there is was, The Lighthouse. I have a painting of it on my wall. I walked and climbed up round the end of the headland. I saw a Wheatear sitting on the fence, posing for me so I had plenty of time to look at the pretty little thing with my bins. There were a coulple of guys kayaking round the coast and I followed them round. As I got up to the top of the cliff I saw the guys in Kayaks and swimming round them were about 4 seals. So I watched the seals, swimming and bobbing up and down, playing round the kayaks. As I was watching I saw a huge flock of Oystercatchers fly past. SO distinctive – black and white with brigh red beaks. I watched the seals for a long time, then I wandered back and I saw the Wheatear again, the kestrels and rabbits running around. I was in love with the day, in love with Cornwall. It reignited my love affair and what started as an ordinary rainy day turned into a day I will remember for years. That is why I am here. I have been feeling really sick and miserable about my job, missing Philip, worrying. I needed a break and I needed to fall in love – and today watching the sea and the birds and seals was a feeling of being in love with nature and with life.

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